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Underpinning the work of CultureCatch is the Lewis Model of Culture, a framework of assessments, mapping and training concepts which The Wall Street Journal described as: ”An authoritative roadmap to navigating the world’s economy.”


The model maps each of the world’s cultures along three axes (see diagram below), and offers a practical method of assessing your own cultural biases as well as those of the people and organisation around you. For a taster of how the model works, click here (external link).


LMR triangle with countries
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By identifying the ‘average cultural DNA’ or "national norms" of each country, the Lewis Model describes and explains the differences in attitudes and behaviour around the world, providing essential insights for anybody wishing to manage or do business internationally. 


Using the colour-coded model above, you can gain an overview of differing cultural defaults in the map below.


Country profiles as defined by The Lewis Model
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Of course, understanding isnt enough. The insights are used to offer practical guidance on how to build mutual understanding, trust and cooperation, as well as how to communicate, negotiate or lead multicultural teams - all with a business focus in mind.



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