CultureCatch provides the competence you need to succeed in you cross-cultural leadership and business!

Who needs cultural agility? You have come to the right place if: belong to a target group like:

  • CEOs and executive teams
  • HR, Sponsors and owners of training programs
  • Integration / transition teams
  • Functional management
  • Multicultural teams
  • International roles
  • Expats are in any of these situations:

  • M&A preparations
  • Integration
  • Market expansions
  • Changing company culture
  • Negotiations
  • Relocating
  • Teams in conflicts
  • Establishing new teams
  • Leadership development planning need this kind of support:

  • Communicationand motivation across cultures 
  • Target culture counselling and advice
  • Leadership and staff training
  • Presentations
  • Key Note's
  • Coaching
  • Teambuilding
  • Project team kick-off's
  • Facilitation of international meetings

CultureCatch – Marit Imeland-Gjesme and her partners – can help you catch the essence of cultures, overcome the cross-cultural challenges and adapt your "mental software" for international success!



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