a pool of experts

CultureCatch works with high quality partners to expand the total services

When a CultureCatch project requires many hands and different skills, a wide network of trusted experts  - covering both the cross-cultural field as well as other relevant business skills - can be called upon to deliver the results you seek. In designing the optimal offers and services, CultureCatch is happy to include: 


Richard Lewis Communications (RLC)

is a global leader in top quality cross-cultural knowledge development and training, and the main partner of CultureCatch. Tailored analyses of any specific country and region can be offered.  Marit is a core team member and Senior Partner at RLC and part of the RLC Cross Culture development team, that secures quality checks, innovation and continuous updating of the Lewis model and its tools and training material. 


 The ”Brains Trust”, 

Richard Lewis Communications

Cross Culture Core Team, 

Riversdown House, Hampshire UK


Front row:

Marit Imeland Gjesme (CultureCatch), Richard D. Lewis (creator of The Lewis Model and founder of RLC), Caroline Lewis (RLC)

Back row:

Iouri Bairatchnyi (Kent State University), Andrew Birchall (former RLC), Michael Gates (RLC, Oxford Said Business School), Ric Lewis (CultureActive), Rob Drayson (former CultureActive).





Beatrice Mueller brings expertise in how you can come forward as a more convincing and authentic communicator. She will help you adapt your message for different audiences – from tough media interviewers to an all-employee town hall meeting. 



Tim Cullen has a global reputation as a leading teacher of negotiation skills and strategies. Cullen is Director of the Oxford Programme on Negotiation at the Said Business School of the University of Oxford and Chairman of the Executive Leadership Faculty.