a global model of cultures - a well tested and trusted approach


”The authoritative roadmap to navigating the world’s economies” - is how The Wall Street Journal has described the Lewis Model of Culture, which is the model underpinning a lot of the work of CultureCatch.


The model maps each of the world’s cultures within categories of cultural traits and along three axes (see diagram below), and offers a practical method of assessing your own cultural preferences as well as those of the people and organisation around you.

A corresponding framework of assessments, mapping and training concepts proven highly convincing and useful, is available via the workshops. This leads to creating insights, communication and successful interaction between cultures of different values and world views.  For a taster of how the model works, click here (external link).


LMR triangle with countries
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By identifying the ‘default cultural DNA or software’ or "national norms" of each country, the Lewis Model describes and explains the differences in values, attitudes and behaviour patterns around the world, providing essential insights for anybody wishing to manage international business. 


Using the colour-coded model, you not only gain an overview of relative differences and diverse default patterns (as seen in the map below). The insights offer practical guidance on how to make sure you avoid misunderstandings as well as prepare in a constructive and country target-oriented way for how to communicate, build mutual respect and trust, negotiate, lead multicultural teams  or design your company culture in a successful way and all with a business focus. 


Our aim is to identify, bridge and integrate the best contributions from all cultural categories to any situation you face, making your teams, company culture or marketing strategies rich and broad in synergy effects - hence much more resilient and competitive than singular culture category ones.