Who benefits the most from cross- and intercultural business training?

Below you can see if you belong to the target groups, when it is needed and how it can be implemented:

WHO - Target groups for learning:

  • CEOs and executive teams
  • International management teams and boards
  • HR, Sponsors and owners of training programs
  • Integration / transition teams
  • Multicultural teams/projects
  • Negotiators and purchasers
  • Marketers and sales people
  • International roles
  • Expats 

WHEN - Situations needing help:

  • M&A's and integration
  • Team building
  • Leadership- and Talent development
  • Giving international presentations
  • Building trust, first meetings
  • Market expansions
  • Company culture change
  • Negotiations
  • Relocations
  • Conflicts
  • Establishing new teams

WHAT - Learning activities:

  • Leadership and employee training
  • Interactive team building workshops
  • Keynote's and presentations
  • Coaching and counselling
  • Relocation matching and preparations
  • Project team kick-off's
  • Facilitation of international meetings
  • Self- and team assessments for eye-opening awareness
  • Target culture counselling
  • 360 feedback executive teams

Marit Imeland Gjesme, CultureCatch, trains, coaches and inspires companies at individual, team- and corporate culture levels. She can help you  adapt your "mental software" for long term international success!