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A career full of experience and insight 


Mutual trust and personal chemistry is the prerequisite for any successful partnership. So before deciding whether to work with CultureCatch, you will be curious about who is behind the company’s name and logo and how we work to deliver results for you and your organisation:

the founder

CultureCatch® - established in Zürich in 2013 and now mainly based in Oslo - is owned by

Marit Imeland Gjesme, a globally working Norwegian with long experience from both academia and international business across all industries. The three main focus areas offered are Geographical cultures, Organisational culture and "Personal achievement culture":


  • Geographical cultures – helping companies, multicultural teams and people dispersed around the world to better understand each other, cooperate successfully and benefit from differences and cultural diversity 
  • Organisational culture – the unique culture of values and manners within each organisation  - "the way we do things around here" - and the significance of this when companies merge and people collide. Corporate values and their divergent meaning across cultures is an expert field
  • Personal culture – the individual “achievement engine” and motivational structure that defines our work energy and commitment, the way we interact with others and the strengths of our drive for success 

Building on a background in psychology and culture studies, Marit has a proven track record in driving leaders and organisations to fulfil their potential, adapting her methods and approaches to ensure relevance in vastly different cultural environments.

She works in English and Scandinavian languages, but consultancy in all major languages can be provided via her partner network.


To learn more about Marit's background and areas of expertise, connect with her via Linked-In!

Certificate of regognition, CultureCatch
Honoree - Marit Imeland Gjesme