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For most organisations, a major change initiative is usually accompanied by major investment, and at very least, high stakes. And yet we all know that many will fail to realise the benefits they were set up to deliver.


Often, the cultural dimension of a change programme is the last to be considered – and then only because it is contributing to the programme’s failure – but with a little forward thinking and preparation work, the cultural element can be an engine that fuels success rather than contributes to failure.


Anyone may have good products - but cultural agility may be the lever that helps you outperform your competitors, and exceed your own limits and expectations!


Coaching through a critical period


Cultural awareness begins at the top. During a period of major change, such as a post-merger integration period, CultureCatch would typically work with the CEO and team of executives to familiarise them with the default national and business cultures of those who make up the reshaped organisation.


This would be followed with training for the integration team, and would follow the appointments process of new teams to cascade the same learnings throughout the organisation using a blend of team workshops, 1:1 counselling and all-employee town hall sessions.


The goal is to minimise resistance to the new culture and to help employees to embrace both their new colleagues and the future direction of the company.



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