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Oct. 2021:  It's simply a marvellous feeling to be back in the Danish conference centres I have always loved, and have so many good memories from! Autumn vibes with 60 brilliant Danish and French listeners in KolleKolle Conference Hotel outside Copenhagen, speaking about my passion "Culture, Cooperation and Motivation".

HR, management and participants feedback: "A great presentation that pinpointed our challenges", "Excellent speech!", "You were referred to all through our strategy day", "I could hear your points being discussed all around in the breaks the rest of the day". Mission completed!






And again - an Award, what a pleasure! 





Excited about meeting old and new contacts from Switzerland and the Nordic clubs there, for a webinar introducing the cross-cultural field and how to benefit from it!

August 2021: Finally out of covid travel lockdown - and started with the best possible biotech team and job, in Helsinki! Great people and brilliant venue in the Finnish archipelago. CEO Craig Cook's feedback after 2 days workshop on Culture, Communication and Collaboration: 

"Thank you for superb team cross-cultural training and coaching event last week! It hit all the high points and sweet spots we needed it to; and nailed what we set out to do (and more)! Big kudos to you, well prepared and superbly executed! 👌👍🥇"




 June 17th, 2021: 


Well, look at that! 


CultureCatch awarded by EU Business News, as


Best Global Cross-Cultural Business Training Specialists 2021


And we will proudly live up to that, securing the best results for you!






Training studio in the living room! Sad to miss out on travels to lovely destinations, but it IS possible to build real rapport virtually! "Women's Leadership" e-workshop, May 18-20, 2020 organised by the UN (Unitar), with some really great women from around the world. Here concludes participant Janis Underwood, USA/Spain, a few days after the e-workshop:


"I had the pleasure of attending a 3-day online e-workshop on women’s leadership with Marit. Marit has a great way of creating an environment of trust within an intercultural setting and I found her use of break out sessions extremely useful in helping us learn the material. Marit as a presenter/trainer is extremely professional, very engaging and naturally generates a high level of interest in her material. I am very impressed with her ability to create an in-person classroom-like experience online. Being able to do that is a special talent that not many trainers have".




A new challenge in these Covid-19 times with cancellations of all f2f meetings and training events:

Going online with teaching and team development!

Several upcoming events in May-20 to be done over Zoom, starting with leadership teaching for master students at Stirling University, organised by the UN (Unitar). Exciting!




 And speaking at Convene Baltic Travel congress was a wonderful experience! Says the organiser Galina Bukowska after the event: "We had the pleasure of having Marit for our international event Convene 2020 Educational Academy ( which took place in Vilnius, Lithuania during February 12-13, 2020. 45 exiting minutes was not enough, the audience was full and many people asked about the contacts. The topic is very actual in our industry and in today’s globalization world. I hope we will have the chance to invite Marit again!"








Happily preparing for going to beautiful Vilnius, treasuring the opportunity to speak to 100+ congress delegates from the travel & tourism industry. Looking much forward to the networking and exchanges and to spread the message of the importance of cultural competence!









BUSINET 33rd Conference,

Belgrade, Serbia, November 2019

CrossCulture on the agenda!

and lots of fruitful networking and

brainstorming for future projects with various international business schools.







JT Foxx Event.....

A very intense, inspiring and useful day -

CultureCatch "sharpening the axe"

in order to be an even

better speaker and partner to clients!






Sept. 12, 2019: and after a very long and creative summer, the business rose again like a Phenix from the ashes and companies came back to "normal life"! Great to kick off with meeting sharp research project leaders from the biotech industry (Zealand Pharma), and great being back for work in Copenhagen - again. A day in the heading of Leadership and Change, where I trained the crucial factors Cultural influence (values, behaviour, communication style, leadership style, creating inspiring meetings) and Motivational Engine - how to know your own and others and by this create optimal results! We were so motivated that we forgot to take photos .-)



Shortly after ended training day, this message ticked in from one of the participants, a medical project director:


"Thank you very much for an extraordinary 

educational, fun and productive day!"


Which is the exact and precise description of CultureCatch' aim for each and every delivery.    "Tick"!       Mission completed!

June 14, 2019:


What a day! With great people from Denmark and Germany, merging into a new and stronger KLIFO. An honour to be the only external guest, speaking about cultural differences and how to bridge dem and create success from diversity!

Lots of laughter, and tips for how to build the future.


Says Alejandra Mørk, Owner and CEO:

"Thanks to Marit for an excellent presentation of cultural differences at the KLIFO Day 2019!"


June 3, 2019:

It has been an exciting and interesting congress week in Leuven, Belgium with "the intercultural tribe"; SIETAR (Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research. CultureCatch designed and facilitated a session highly popular among the participants: A storytelling "Campfire Session", where four of the most prominent leading interculturalists of today agreed to join, and in each their corner had groups they shared their life story, experience, ideas, challenges and thoughts with. The four mentors were Prof. Dr. Milton Bennett, Diversophy-founder Dr. George Simons, author, speaker and Lewis Model-developer Richard D. Lewis and Prof. Dr. Marie-Therese Claes. What a team!


June 2019: ICCA (The global International Congress and Convention Association) publishes a video of glimpses from CultureCatch interview and speaking session as their promotion for their next congress in Houston, Nov.2019. The session was held at the 57th ICCA congress in Dubai, Nov.2018, and the video is promoted on all social media channels ICCA uses.

Interview and lecture at ICCA Dubai Congress

 Such a pleasure to speak at ICCA!


Swiss Alps Executive Leadership Program by United Nations training body UNITAR
April 2019: Increase your leadership and culture skills by joining this unique week expanding and deepening your understanding and practical tools for leadership and cultural agility in international environments! We start with a guided tour around the halls and conference rooms of the marvellous UN Palace in Geneva, before doing 4 challenging training days in an Alp ski resort, where each days new revelations can be digested in the ski slopes late afternoon!
Swiss Alps Retreat 2019.pdf
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