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June 2019: ICCA (The global International Congress and Convention Association) publishes a video of glimpses from CultureCatch interview and speaking session as their promotion for their next congress in Houston, Nov.2019. The session was held at the 57th ICCA congress in Dubai, Nov.2018, and the video is promoted on all social media channels ICCA uses.

Interview and lecture at ICCA Dubai Congress

 Such a pleasure to speak at ICCA!


June 3, 2019:

It has been an exciting and interesting congress week in Leuven, Belgium with "the intercultural tribe"; SIETAR (Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research. CultureCatch designed and facilitated a session highly popular among the participants: A storytelling "Campfire Session", where four of the most prominent leading interculturalists of today agreed to join, and in each their corner had groups they shared their life story, experience, ideas, challenges and thoughts with. The four mentors were Prof. Dr. Milton Bennett, Diversophy-founder Dr. George Simons, author, speaker and Lewis Model-developer Richard D. Lewis and Prof. Dr. Marie-Therese Claes. What a team!

Swiss Alps Executive Leadership Program by United Nations training body UNITAR
April 2019: Increase your leadership and culture skills by joining this unique week expanding and deepening your understanding and practical tools for leadership and cultural agility in international environments! We start with a guided tour around the halls and conference rooms of the marvellous UN Palace in Geneva, before doing 4 challenging training days in an Alp ski resort, where each days new revelations can be digested in the ski slopes late afternoon!
Swiss Alps Retreat 2019.pdf
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